“I saw Karen after having arthroscopy on my knee following an ACL injury. I was in pain with my knee and generally feeling very emotional at that time. I found my session with Karen instantly made an impact on my recovery. Her calm and relaxing approach and the Reiki gave me a feeling of well being and pain relief during the session and afterwards. I would recommend anyone to have a session and intend to have more sessions after my next phase of surgery.” – Jess T, London

“Karen has such a gentle, warm and caring energy about her which really comes through in her Reiki treatments. I would highly recommend her.”           – Rupert F, London

“Karen is a lovely caring person. I’ve found her Reiki sessions powerful and extremely relaxing. Highly recommended.” – Penaran H, London

“It’s funny, Karen delivers Reiki from a distance – a LONG distance. I live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, and Karen delivers calm, relaxing and powerful sessions from her location in London UK. Blew my mind the first time it happened, and it still amazes me now. Karen is great! I feel rested and soothed come the end of our sessions, and I look forward to the next. Give Karen, and East Finchley Reiki a try… it’s self-care we all could use!”                                 – Trudy C, Ottawa, Canada

“I’ve enjoyed Reiki sessions with Karen Finn. She is very gifted in the field. She has wonderful energy and is very intuitive. I am not new to energy work. In my experience, body and energy work are successful when the practitioner and recipient are a good match. I felt very comfortable with Karen. If you are unfamiliar with Reiki, you may not realize that there is little physical contact. The therapist’s hands are near the recipient, or it can even be done “remotely”, meaning that both individuals can have an agreed time when the Reiki practitioner will be treating the recipient. I have received Karen’s treatments in person and remotely. Both were very relaxing, restorative, and grounding. During the session, I felt a bit of heat or a tingly feeling in certain areas, not due to contact, but what I would surmise is energy. After the sessions, I felt like I had experienced a deep meditation. I was initially feeling a bit groggy, then feeling very clear and positive. This positive feeling carried through with me. I highly recommend Reiki and Karen Finn. ”
Stephanie T, New York

“I came to see Karen because I was suffering with a sinus infection for some time. I was feeling run down and in great discomfort. Prior to that Karen had given me a few long-distance sessions. Each session was very relaxing, pleasant and energising. I even fell asleep during a couple of sessions! My condition has improved massively since I saw Karen last week for the infection and the symptoms are almost completely gone now. I feel stronger and energised. A big thank you to Karen for her kindness and compassion. I highly recommend her ‒ she is a great Reiki therapist.”
Vesna E, London

“I find Karen to be a gentle and respectful practitioner. I felt safe with her during my Reiki treatment and can warmly recommend her to anyone seeking these qualities in an individual and complementary therapist.”
Eszter R, London

“I initially saw Karen to help with a longstanding anxiety problem.  Karen’s calm and reassuring presence put me immediately at ease and during the session I felt more relaxed than I had in years. Following the treatment I felt lighter, happier and more centred. Karen is a highly skilled practitioner and I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Sara W, London

“Karen helped me with knee pain. I had suffered a trauma on top of my arthritis and was unable to walk without a stick. After just one hands-on Reiki treatment, my knee was less stiff and I was able to walk more comfortably. Karen is a very gentle and empathic Reiki practitioner. Her calm energy is truly comforting. I highly recommend her.”  – Vicki M, London

“Receiving Reiki from Karen was a great experience. She arrived at my house punctually and brought a comfortable massage bed which was put up in seconds. I found Karen to be very professional, her relaxed and warm energy made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I hadn’t had Reiki before but enjoyed this method of therapy for relaxation. I found as a result of Reiki I felt quite energised for the next few days. I definitely recommend Reiki from Karen and am very sure you will gain a lot from a session whatever your needs.” – Louise L, London

“I was feeling pretty stressed as I had a lot going on in my life at the time. A friend suggested Reiki as she has found it very helpful. I had had Reiki many years ago so was familiar with it but a wee bit apprehensive none the less. After the first treatment I found it easier to relax. I wasn’t sure how it was working but I found the treatments very relaxing and certainly was relaxed for the rest of the day afterwards. I had a course of five treatments. Karen did say I might suddenly find myself less stressed and sure enough a couple of weeks after I’d finished I suddenly realised I wasn’t stressed at all and what normally stressed me did not any more. Thank you so much Karen.” – Therese L, London